Introducing the Bean Me Up fundraising system!

How your order helps your school!

Bean Me Up have developed two ways in which placing an order can help your school.


Every tin purchased equals 1 reward point. These points can then be used by your school to purchase class activity kits! Each fantastic kit consists of enough supplies for a class of 25 students, introducing them to the wonderful world of gardening early and fostering growth and development in several vital areas. The kit and lesson plan introduces scientific concepts and teaches students about life and responsibility to care for the living world. 12 reward points = 1 class activity kit!


Saving for something special for the class? Too easy! Your school can alternatively choose to receive 30% of the total purchase price of all items ordered. If 25 families purchased just 1 tin, your class would receive $127.50 back to spend on much needed resources!


Starting your own fundraiser couldn’t be easier! Simply send through your fundraiser details below and we will send you back a personalised order form to print out and distribute along with some more information on how to run your fundraiser!

  • (we require 1-2 weeks to put together your order after this date)