Faith Collection Tin


The Faith Collection Magic Beans

The Faith Collection is a wonderful reminder of your devotion, centering it in your home and heart. The beans grow with meaning as the words Faith, Love, Peace and Hope and symbols of a Cross, Heart, Dove and Ichthys appear. Take time to watch them grow and remember life’s meaning. The perfect Christian gift!

This premium tin option is a complete gift – comes with little bag of soil ready to plant directly in the tin!



Directions for use: plant beans in tin or small container sitting them on top of the soil.  Water beans daily to keep soil moist.  Pour off excess water so beans do not get soggy.  Keep your beans in a sunny spot and watch in order as they sprout in 5-10 days with their special message still intact!

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Weight .075 kg
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Premium Gold Tin, Premium Silver Tin, Standard Packaging

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