Magic Bean Birthday Favour Pack


Introducing our highly anticipated and much requested Bean Me Up birthday favours! 

Each party pack has enough supplies for 10 guests and includes:

    • 20 x magic beans (2 each)
    • 10 x name sticks
    • 10 x packets of soil
    • 10 x cardboard pots
    • 10 x instruction cards
    • 10 x organza bags

Items come separately ready for you to package up as pictured or add your own goodies to!

    Having a bigger party? Add on any of our extras to extend the magic!

    • 20 $
    • 3 $
    • 5 $
    • 5 $


Birthday party favours are a huge part of any child’s birthday celebration. Why not make your party bags memorable with our NEW DIY Bean Me Up birthday favours? Not only are our Bean Me Up birthday favours unique, they are also good for the environment and a much healthier alternative to the usual party bag swag.

Our Bean Me Up birthday favours can also be a party activity, let the children plant their beans together then take them home and watch them grow.

And we have done all the hard work for you, making our Bean Me Up birthday favours a fuss free, practical and time saving option.