‘Bean’ happy.

(See what I did there? Stick around; I have loads more bean puns!)

It’s what I got out of bed every morning trying to do. Trying to be.

And then someone gave me this sweet little gift. Two beans. From the heart. It’s how Bean Me Up started – with a tiny seed of an idea.

One bean had ‘happiness’ printed on it, and the other had ‘growth’.

And boy, they fulfilled their expectations.

Every morning I woke up to bigger, stronger, healthier plants – there was a visible difference from the day before and they so made my morning routine delightful. I had this lovely feeling every day they grew, just like the day I was gifted them, so that one gift kept making me smile for weeks and months afterwards.

I began to wonder…

Who else did I know needing a bit of ‘happiness’ and ‘growth’ in their day?

The concept of Bean Me Up was born – a collection of little alive wonders to lift the heart of a recipient. An ongoing and individual way to tell someone you love them, miss them, think about them. A tin full of opportunity and smiles.

‘Bean’ A Family

The best ideas are made even better by sharing, so I first roped in my bestie, Tegan, who is the clever graphic designer behind our Bean Man.

We were madly in love with our new business and decided that we’d go the very best in everything to do with the product and packaging from the beginning. Every single bean is surrounded by love, exceptional packaging, much thought, and the very best soil. It’s the kind of experience that makes the person receiving it sigh with delight.

When Tegan’s regular work increased, I needed another partner in beaning around, and my keen gaze fell on someone even closer – my Mum, Trish. Who else would take such incredible care of my business than the woman who’d taken such incredible care of me? Bean Me Up would literally be bursting with kindness.

Now, the Bean Me Up family consists of myself, Nanna Trish, Tegan, some gorgeous locals who work for us when we’re busy, my wonderful husband Ross and my 3 lively children – all growing at seemingly the same rate as the beans themselves in the sunny part of the Sunshine Coast.

It’s not just the little members of Bean Me Up who are growing. Our business has flourished and thrived, and experienced incredible growth in a few short years; regularly the first gift of choice for large corporates, big business, fabulous stockists, fundraising events, individual weddings, and special gift giving.

Me? I love Bean Me Up as much as the day I decided I’d grow it. I still grow beans on my windowsill. They still make my heart lift.