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Check out our handy “How to grow your beans” video and our FAQ’s below:

What Are Magic Beans?2019-10-11T11:53:39+10:00

They’re magic. And they’re beans!

Seriously, our magic beans are the ‘Jack Bean’ (Canavalia Ensiformis). These fairy-tale beans are actually a common legume. The ‘Jack Bean’ is a twining plant which can grow up to 1 metre in height through different climbing methods. It has deep roots which helps it to remain drought resistant and likes a bit of warm – best grown between 18 – 25 c. If you popped a ‘Jack Bean’ in the ground it would probably spread via long runners and can flower with a pink/purple bloom. The Mama pods our babies come from can grow up to 36 cm and the seeds (the magic beans that come to you) are large and white.

Can Magic Beans be eaten?2019-10-11T11:53:39+10:00

Look, everything can be eaten, but why would you want to? The magic would disappear!

Also, although the Canavalia Ensiformis is sometimes used for fodder for animals (in Brazil it’s called the ‘Pig Bean’), it is slightly toxic to humans.

In short: no. Leave it on the windowsill, don’t put it in your dinner.

If, by chance, your youngster picked it up and popped it in, they wouldn’t be poisoned. The beans would have to be consumed in large quantities to be truly noxious.

How long will a Magic Bean last?2019-10-11T11:53:39+10:00

As long as you believe in them….

Or, if unopened, they can last up to 1 year if kept in a cool dry place.

Once planted, your magic bean will grow for about a month in their tin and you can then transplant it to your garden where it will probably repay you for your kindness with a flower. It’ll also produce its own seeds if you pop it in the ground, keeping the magic growing forever.

We have a super fast turnover for magic beans so the ones posted to you are always fresh – at the beginning of their 1 year cycle.

What’s the best way to grow a Magic Bean?2019-10-11T11:53:39+10:00

Sing to it.

No, not really. (You can though, if you want!)

  1. Put the soil in the tin or a pot
  2. Pop beans on top of the soil pushing the bottom slightly into the soil so when the bean begins to sprout it can send down roots. Keep the beans on the top of the soil though, don’t bury them.
  3. Dampen the soil and beans without flooding your tin. Ensure you tip off any excess water.
  4. Your beans will now plump up.
  5. Pop the tin on the windowsill in a friendly, sunny spot. If your house isn’t particularly sunny, you can take them outside for a sunbathe, but remember to bring them back in after a couple of hours each day.
  6. Dampen your beans and soil each day being careful not to over water.
  7. When the beans begin to sprout you can then just water the soil and roots.
  8. Once the outside white ‘skin’ of the central pod becomes loose you can gently pull it off revealing the green pod underneath.
  9. The beans will continue to grow into a green, leafy plant which will eventually outgrow its tin. You can then replant your magic beans if you wish. The central pod with the word or image will fall off at this stage.
  10. Magic beans allowed out into the garden will continue to grow and eventually produce their own beans and pretty flowers.
Do the messages appear on the leaf?2019-10-11T11:53:39+10:00

Now, wouldn’t THAT be magic? The words or image are laser engraved on the central pod (the seed), not the leaves.

Are custom orders available?2019-10-11T11:53:39+10:00

Yes! We love custom orders. We can do custom beans with special, individualised messages (ask someone to marry you with a custom bean!) and we offer custom tins too for special events like weddings, fundraisers, or corporate gifts.

There’s a minimum order of 500 beans (double sided) and a minimum tin order of 50 for custom orders.

If you’d like to have Bean Me Up beans for a fundraiser, just drop us an email to discuss

What happens if my beans don’t grow?2019-10-11T11:53:39+10:00

If your beans don’t sprout it’s because you didn’t sing to them.

There are many factors that could influence the growth of the beans including overwatering, under watering, sunlight, temperature, the cat playing with it, bad 80s music. If your beans don’t grow, please get in touch with us, send us some photos, and we can help or replace your beans.

If one of your beans doesn’t grow, you’re witnessing the power of nature. Like any seed, it’s possible that one bean may have a different destiny. You might have a not-sprouter. This is part of the excitement of growing but we do know Bean Me Up beans have a 97% germination rate so it’s unlikely you’ll not have leafy green from all your beans.

How much is shipping?2019-10-11T12:00:12+10:00

In Australia, we post with Australia Post using regular and express post methods. Postage costs are calculated at checkout; however, most orders post for $8.95 regular or $11.95 express. To take advantage of one of our Free Post offers a buy a standard pack of beans (without a tin) along with any 2 bean tins and we’ll ship the lot to you for free.

We encourage you to read our Shipping Policy if you have further questions.

How long will my order take to arrive?2019-10-11T12:00:12+10:00

Shipping times vary depending on location and post method. Use Australia Post’s handy tool here to check how long your order will take. We post out from the Sunshine Coast, postcode 4557. Orders are sent out within 5-7 working days.

Can bean be posted to every state in Australia?2019-10-11T12:00:12+10:00

Yep! Even to WA and TAS! *waves*

HOWEVER IF YOU ARE IN WA, Due to strict biosecurity laws that are in place we regret that we cannot send soil through any available postage methods as such, the soil will be omitted from any tins or kits being posted to your area. An empty bag will be supplied for you to fill with soil if the intended purpose is for a gift.

Can Magic Beans be posted overseas?2019-10-11T12:00:12+10:00

We are now posting to the United States and New Zealand!

Unfortunately, due to the fact that Bean Me Up is a plant product, customs regulations can be strict in many countries. Contact your local customs office quoting the scientific name Canavalia Ensiformis to see if we could post the product to you.

What’s the deal with becoming a stockist?2019-10-11T11:59:46+10:00

We will love you and make the whole process easy. Just fill out our stockist inquiry form here and we will get back to you within 24 hours.