Sing to it.

No, not really. (You can though, if you want!)

  1. Put the soil in the tin or a pot
  2. Pop beans on top of the soil pushing the bottom slightly into the soil so when the bean begins to sprout it can send down roots. Keep the beans on the top of the soil though, don’t bury them.
  3. Dampen the soil and beans without flooding your tin. Ensure you tip off any excess water.
  4. Your beans will now plump up.
  5. Pop the tin on the windowsill in a friendly, sunny spot. If your house isn’t particularly sunny, you can take them outside for a sunbathe, but remember to bring them back in after a couple of hours each day.
  6. Dampen your beans and soil each day being careful not to over water.
  7. When the beans begin to sprout you can then just water the soil and roots.
  8. Once the outside white ‘skin’ of the central pod becomes loose you can gently pull it off revealing the green pod underneath.
  9. The beans will continue to grow into a green, leafy plant which will eventually outgrow its tin. You can then replant your magic beans if you wish. The central pod with the word or image will fall off at this stage.
  10. Magic beans allowed out into the garden will continue to grow and eventually produce their own beans and pretty flowers.