Kids Draw-a-pot Easter Magic Bean Kit


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A gorgeous, unique Mother’s Day Gift! This awesome kit comes complete with an ecoPot and set of 6 markers ready for your child to let their imagination go wild and create their own special design for Mum or Nanna / Grandma.

In stock

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  • Click Picture Below to Add for $2. Wrapping includes organza bag and blank gift card.


Care Instructions

Bean Me Up ecoPots are 100% washable. Over time it is normal for the metallic finish to mark with wear, so for long lasting metallic finish, light hand washing is recommended using a mild detergent before rinsing thoroughly and leaving to dry flat. For longevity, is it recommended to line your ecoPot with another planter or Bean Me Up tin. Although water will not damage the pot, it is not watertight and water will leak out, so use a tray underneath to avoida spills.