MEGA Draw-a-Pot Bean Kit

MEGA Draw-a-Pot Bean Kit


The ULTIMATE Magic Bean Gift Pack for KIDS!


  • Your choice of the Kids Collection Tin or Packet – with double sided beans – picture on one side and word on the other!
  • Draw-a-Pot and Markers
  • Mini Spade & Rake duo
  • Watering Nozzle
  • Kids Microfibre gift bag

The teacher beans are pre order while we wait for our stock to arrive.

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ecoPot Care Instructions

Bean Me Up ecoPots are 100% washable. Light hand washing is recommended using a mild detergent before rinsing thoroughly and leaving to dry flat. For longevity, is it recommended to line your ecoPot with another planter or Bean Me Up tin. Although water will not damage the pot, it is not watertight and water will leak out, so use a tray underneath to avoid spills.

Bean directions for use:

Water beans in the tin provided, sitting them on top of the soil. Water beans daily, to keep soil moist. Pour off any excess water so beans do not get soggy. Keep your beans in a sunny spot and watch in wonder as they sprout in 5-10 days.