As a teacher it is important to find activities for students that are engaging and hands on.

Our Teacher Resource Bean Kits can help you introduce students to the wonderful world of gardening early, fostering growth and development in the below vital areas:

  • Motor Skills

Scooping up the dirt, placing the beans in the pots and pouring the water all take fine motor control and strength.

  • Key Learning areas including science, mathematics and literacy

Growing beans are a great way to introduce students to maths, science and literacy concepts.

We’ve taken the hard work out and found some handy classroom resources that you could use along with our beans, they include:

  • Responsibility

The bean growing activity teaches responsibility and care for the living world. Encouraging students to water their beans and ensure they have the best conditions for growth teaches an important lesson of responsibility and pride! Sometimes, beans do not sprout so it is also a good learning opportunity to see that life is precious and delicate (Note: Our teacher resource pack includes spare beans in our in case there is a non-sprouter and students can try again).

Our magic beans along with some of the handy resources above will be a great addition to your classroom tool kit. Each Teacher Resource Bean Kit includes enough supplies for a class of 25 students, as well as:

  • 40 x beans (enough for 1 each and some spares!)
  • 25 x cardboard pots
  • 25 x name labels
  • 1 x tool set consisting of a mini spade and rake
  • 1 x water bottle sprinkler – attaches easily onto any empty 600ml water or softdrink bottle.
  • 2 x pairs of gloves (child size)

And we have handy add-ons available if you need to extend your kit!

Get growing!